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Asia gift-giving habits and customs in China, South Korea and Japan compared

&Nbsp;   with yellow skin, but gift-giving habits and customs in Asia is very different, with China, Korea, and Japan, for example, Asian gift-giving habits and customs in China, South Korea and Japan compared there is a big difference. Among the three countries, the Japanese favorite gift. Japanese money began earlier this year, enrolment, graduates, employment, retirement, able, weddings, birthdays, births, or where, moving, and so on, Japanese people send gifts to each other all the time during the year. Gift in Japanese writing products. A man from elsewhere to come back later, through family or the souvenir of the place to your collective, to share with them his knowledge or experience. Korea's gift to write Chinese words diet, mainly referring to the eating of food, food-related. Than the gift itself, the Japanese focus more on gift packages. For the Chinese, gift-giving is directly proportional to the significance and the gift itself, which holds that the more expensive gift, its higher truth. Korea people like big things, too. As an analogy, if the Chinese gifts the size of watermelons, then Korea's gift would be the size of Apple, and its gift is the cherry seed. Such an anecdote, Japanese sanbenyilang and Chinese Liu Xiaobo in the company's business together after dinner. Sanbenyilang said to Liu Xiaobo after a meal: "you little small gift, please accept it. "Back at the hotel, Liu Xiaobo, carefully open the beautiful packaging, just pitiful to put inside a towel. Liu disappointed, I thought there is something precious. Korea and Japan people like singular gifts is also sent in the singular, but Chinese people is the opposite. Emphasis on masculine and feminine elements, and down, left and right, Chinese culture-pairs men and women since ancient times considered even numbers are lucky, so gift must be in the form of two bottles of wine and two bags of snacks and other even numbers. BACK

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