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Gift bearing people's interpersonal emotions to be paid attention to

&Nbsp;   gift bearing people feelings of interpersonal need attention. At the interpersonal level, gift bearing people deeply shallow cultural expressions of moral and emotional. Gift is a silent Declaration. Announced the gift relationship with recipients: are friends, neighbors, relatives, business partners, supervisor-employee or an intimate lover ... ... Meanwhile, gift could also establish a personal image in the minds of others through the gift: is a sexy and elegant, known to use, friendly hospitality, still loyal, love ... ... Recipients in the gift of taste at the same time, can also feel the weight of this Declaration: his friendship is worth the value of the gift, his dedication is commendable, worrying or his health, his finger thanks ... ... Such declaration or sensation, or go beyond, a silent but powerful. Gift is the bonds of affection. No doubt. Give them gifts when friends respectively, across time and space scales, maintaining the old emotions. The ancients "a hedge between keeps friendship green", a not expensive ceramic teapot, can gracefully expression friends friendship and respect. Gift is a continuation character. Through the gift we can comfort others, motivate others, educate others; you can take control, compensation for resolving grievances, promote emotional; to display knowledge and cultivation and expression of friendly and loving, expand personal influence, to express personal ambition. Meanwhile, recipients can measure from the gift the gift of taste interesting, even gifts of wisdom, competence, emotion, temperament. In this sense, gift bearing people's temperaments quality promises to be a special form of social art. In the individual and the collective, between the collective and collective gifts play a more important role, especially city gifts, business gifts, gifts of State, form the intention are more on a level. Gift is a bridge between national culture, cultural loss and the agent. Good gifts of State often can have unexpected effects, tighten distance between countries, the Elimination of misunderstanding and estrangement. BACK

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