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Gift the gift of history

&Nbsp;   gift-giving the gift of history, antique design of this past gift-giving has become a habit in the ancient times. Gift this particular media is not now, ancient gift even more extensive coverage and more. People are the subject of gifts, but in ancient times were also deemed to be gifts. Especially during the war, soldiers attacking invading-winning beauty gift is often the case. Ancient Chinese beauty Xi Shi was the first fan as a gift offer of fuchai, diao Chan why is dedicated to Dong Zhuo Wang Yunlian ring gauges in the gifts? Slave society of any country, such as ancient Greece Sparta, Slaveholders to free slaves one another is very normal thing. And ancient more more unusual of gift is coins class of gold and silver,, spring, and records, history and ancient in the, often Emperor gave and Princes or hero to "daughter", and "million gold" of records also can is tool, and weapons, designed devices, "sword gift hero" more is China of ages story; also can is horse, special role or special meaning of animal, three kingdoms in the Guan Yu seat Xia of "red rabbit horse", and Liu Bei riding took of "of Lu", not on respectively courtesy of Cao Cao. Liu Biao gift yet? As for clothes, jewelry, food and Tin House is extraordinary. After thousands of years of development of human society. After entering the modern society, as awareness continues to increase, "gifts" which is a unique social phenomenon has been further developed, gradually abandon some violations preferred moral and unhealthy concept of personal will, as a special form of social art, has its own connotations, its many methods. Gift-giving in ancient times is more of a physical consciousness is more purposeful, and gifts are no less utilitarian, became an expression of civilization, is a mass of conventional manners. BACK

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