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Gifts from the past to the present evolution of the meaning of

&Nbsp;   gift from the past to the present evolution of the meaning of, "reciprocity, to not to reciprocate, and not to reciprocate. "The gift was created and developed together with other ceremonial activities. Last bit of the gift is of a commercial nature, the original "reciprocity", in essence, is the way the gift of donation consideration for product exchange. Gift of today and the past are very different, the purpose of which is to connect, or something ask, summed up as "filial piety, love, and" three aspects: ① filial piety. "Filial" is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Parents give us life, and happy children honor their parents is our duty and moral character. Gift-giving has become a must-do things to my parents is also an expression of honor your father and mother. II. People are emotional animals, without "emotion", friendship, love, affection need to be maintained, then the gift becomes an important means to bond. Relatives, visiting friends, sending gifts has been a custom in China. ③ Lee. Now society is a money, materialistic society, to lubricate social relations, benefits often need gifts. This ceremony often pursue returns, with a certain utilitarian. BACK

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