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Chinese pay attention to and custom

    Chinese stress and practices for gifts to friends is a must know. Chinese gifts should take into account specific circumstances and occasions, usually when coming to the private dinner, should be the hostess a small gift, such as flowers, fruits, native. With children, toys and candy. Invited to the wedding, except art decorations, but also presented bouquets and practical items, new year, Christmas, General can send Calendar, wine, tea, candy, cigarettes and so on. Grasp the timing and manner of gifts, gifts should be presented in person. But sometimes the wedding can also be sent in advance. Ceremony celebrating the holiday, giving Bar Mitzvah may send delivery or mailing. With their gift gift card, can also be hand-written message, installed in the envelope of size, indicate on the envelope the recipient name, affixed to the top of gift wrapping paper. Under normal circumstances, and only one person in a group gift is not appropriate. Because the recipient would have the feeling of taking bribes and being fooled, and no donor who has neglected and unimportant. People close to the gift should not be conducted in public, to avoid the close relationship to the public that you are feeling supported by material things.

    only a small gift of friendship to the special gift, special gift of emotion, it would only be appropriate in front of House. Because the public has become your witness of sincere friendship. A special souvenir. Friendly, not miss: note to gift giving attitudes, actions, and words. Calm and friendly, graceful motion and accompanied by polite language, is the donor's Party ready to accept. That thief-silently places the gifts under the table or room corner approach, not only not to the purpose of the gift, or even backfire. In general practice, the gift when his always too much humility to say "this gift! This gift! Just a little something or I'm sorry, this is best avoided. Of course, if you gift with an almost proud to say: this is a very precious thing! Also inappropriate. When introduced in the gift, it should be emphasized that are held by the recipient party's goodwill and friendship, rather than on the actual value of the gift, otherwise, it falls into a repeat of righteousness, even so that your partner will have a feeling of accepting bribes. Taking into account customs Etiquette: the people salute, is one of the etiquette norms, for the gift of choice should also conform to this specification. Gift choices for different gifts of objects you want to make a difference. Generally speaking, the effect of the poor, to benefit is better; the rich, to elaborate is better; the lover, lover, lover, with Memorial;; to a friend, with interesting;; to elderly people, with practical;; children with retarded novel;; on visitors to feature is a plus. Gifts must master the principle of avoiding taboo: China, for example, generally have good things come in pairs, thus he big, big thing, gift, good double-bogey, but Guangdong taboo: 4 this even, because 4 in Cantonese sounds like death, is ominous. Again, white with purity of Italy, but the taboo for the Chinese, because in China, white is the color of grief, and poor color. Similarly, black is also considered unlucky, is the color of the terrible disaster and mourning the loss of color. While the red, was festive and peaceful, a symbol of celebration, widely loved by the people. In addition, our people always pay attention to the elderly to send watches, to husband and wife or lover put pears, because sending the clock with hers, pear and harmonics, is unlucky. Also, if not for healthy people to send medicines, not to friends of the opposite sex to send personal supplies.

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